Hi, I’m Florence,  I fell in love with this amazing natural material, when I lived in Thailand.  After mastering the technique in Bangkok with Catherine and Teck, a sino-lao-french couple who conceived and launched an entirely new artistic concept (painting on true Lotus leaves, a symbol of Asia), I’m thrilled now  to bring these workshops in the Lion City!


Welcome to Himapan Singapore. But what means Himapan ? Himapan is a legendary Forest in Hinduism believes, where all imaginary animals were supposed to live together in harmony. The Himapan Forest houses the unlimited creativity of humans to invent all kinds of legend, wonder and being. So let Himapan become your place of creativity and artistic expression. Painting on lotus leaves offer an amazing and easy path to express your hidden talents. We all have it, just let it go…

Enough about us, What about you ?

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